The 10 Best Alternatives for a Bathroom When There’s No Time to Trickle


The bathroom can be a tricky place. You have to take care of your business, but you also need to worry about not getting the toilet seat wet and whatnot. When there’s no time for anything else, it can be hard to find an alternative that works well. Here are 10 alternatives for when you’re in dire straits!

1) The sink: If you’re going to pee in the kitchen sink, make sure it’s one with a garbage disposal – otherwise someone might come home from work and see your mess.

2) The bathtub: if there is enough water on the floor, then this is a good option because it will dilute any urine that makes its way out of your body.

The first two options are known as “peeing in the sink” and can be a great way to go when you’re desperate. The next one is for anyone who likes baths— but it’s not like you’re going to want to take another bath after doing this! If there’s enough water on the floor, then peeing in the tub can help dilute any urine that seeps out of your body.

Pee on an object: If all else fails, find something around you that looks dry (or at least flat) and just pee right onto it – think about where people will look before they decide whether or not their home has been broken into. This could also include other items such as towels and carpets. This can be a good way to go when you’re in an emergency situation and time is of the essence!

If all else fails, find something around you that looks dry (or at least flat) and just pee right onto it – think about where people will look before they decide whether or not their home has been broken into.

Pee on yourself: If there’s no other option for you then this might be your best bet. The last resort would entail urinating on oneself but make sure that if someone walks by them they won’t see anything because there may be white stains left behind! That being said, do take care to keep any items with handles close-by so as to avoid breaking these items.

This can be a good way to go when you’re in an emergency situation and time is of the essence!

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. If you ever find yourself in a situation where there’s no toilet around and time is of the essence! Just look for something dry that can be spared from your peeing (or just wet) like a piece of carpet or cardboard on the ground – anything will do as long as it doesn’t have any color other than white!

Afterward, wipe up with some paper towels and then dispose them. You may also need to air out by opening windows if you’re not too close to people passing by outside.

After all, you don’t want to stink up your home or office.

can i pee in the sink

The best alternatives for a bathroom when there’s no time to trickle:

Can I Pee In The Sink? – This might be a good choice if you’re ever in an emergency situation and need to go, but don’t have access to any toilet. It’ll help avoid breaking these items.

Find Something Dry To Go On! – Don’t worry about it too much as long as what you find is dry; this could include pieces of carpet or cardboard on the ground (anything that doesn’t have color other than white) so that your peeing isn’t all over something wet which can ruin anything else nearby. Just make sure not to do it near any open flame or anything that can start up a fire.

In The Pool – If you happen to have access to an indoor pool, then this could be your best friend. Just make sure not to use the bathroom while in there (unless of course it is toilet-related) and try not to pee all over any part of the water near where people are swimming so they don’t feel uncomfortable, as well as avoid doing it too close by because it can ruin their clothes if they get wet from what’s left behind on them afterwards!

Confide In A Friend/Family Member Who Lives Nearby – It may seem embarrassing at first but when push comes to shove after drinking too much alcohol and need help getting home safely , it can be a lifesaver.

Incorporate It Into Your Trip Home – You may need to call an Uber or Lyft for help getting home, but since they will want you in their vehicle anyways once your done peeing (lest you leave puddles behind), why not use them now when needed? Just make sure no one sees what’s happening beforehand so nobody feels uncomfortable either with seeing this public act or with you afterwards.

Find A Trash Can And Use It – There’s usually a bag nearby, so once finished peeing just throw it away inside the trash can after and make sure to close it properly! This is also perfect for those times when there are no bathrooms around but one can’t hold their bladder any longer.

Walk Nearby Buildings For The Bathroom – Many buildings have public restrooms where people who work in them frequent during certain hours of the day other than lunchtime since they’ll be occupied by hourly employees then. Find out if they’re not too busy at this time and go into one together discreetly .

Ask Someone Who Works Where To Go – If all else fails, ask someone who works in one of the buildings nearby. Maybe they can point you to a bathroom or let someone know that there’s an emergency and hand over their key card for access .

Find A Coffee Shop And Use The Bathroom – If all else fails, find a coffee shop and use theirs! It will probably be more crowded than usual at this time but if it just so happens that no one is using the facility then great job on finding an open stall !

Walk Towards Your Destination With No Delay – This may seem like common sense since usually people are only driving when they’re running out of gas, but walking instead can give your body some relief from constantly holding itself up while also getting closer to where you need to go quicker without any interruptions.

Use A Public Bathroom – If you’re in a public place and it’s not too crowded, use the bathroom there! You have to do what you can at this point if your bladder is getting anxious for relief .

Find One That Isn’t Locked And Use It – This might be a bit more difficult than most people would like but that doesn’t make it impossible . The key here is patience since we are all human beings who need to answer nature’s call eventually !

If All Else Fails, Bring Your Own Toilet Paper With You Everywhere- Some of us don’t know when they’ll end up needing some toilet paper until their life depends on using one , which leaves them with nothing but

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